Cyber attacks are on the rise. Many schools and businesses are hit by cyber-attacks. Here are some of the types of attacks that you need to look out for.

Spear phishing.

Targeting a specific person or business with phishing emails. These emails will be personalised and tailored to trick the individual into believing they are genuine and secure, encouraging the individual to click on the malware-infected attachment or links which redirect them to malicious websites.


This type of phishing attack is performed over the phone. You receive a call from an individual who is trying to gather your personal or financial information.


This form of phishing is directed at the executives of the business. Instead of targeting lower-level individuals, the cybercriminal will target high-level executives such as CEOs, CFOs and COOs.  The purpose of this is to trick the executives into revealing sensitive information.


Attackers use text messages or instant communication to mislead individuals  

Bulk phishing

This is the most common type of phishing attack. Cybercriminals send fraudulent messages in bulk that make false promises, such as “You’ve won money!”  

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