A visitor management system (VMS) is not just a tool to sign in your visitors, staff and contractors, but it is also an asset in the case of a fire evacuation emergency.  

In an emergency it is crucial that you move fast. With the correct technology you can ensure that every visitor, staff and contractor has safely evacuated the building. A visitor signing in system will give you an accurate list of everyone who is on your premise.  

Since the pandemic hit, back in March 2020 many businesses have now implemented a hybrid working lifestyle. This allows staff to work part-time in the office and part-time at home. With each staff member working different days in the office it can be difficult to always know who is onsite. If you are still using a paper sign in book, chances are it is not up to date. Signing in with a paper book can be a mundane task, also if an individual is in a rush it is easy to forget to sign in/out.  

What are the common issues with a paper sign-in book in a fire evacuation?  

  • There is not back up of the physical book. If you cannot find the book, or if the book gets destroyed then you are left without knowing who is onsite is and who has safely evacuated.  
  • There is only one book, therefore you are unable to share the register with other fire marshals.
  • The book paper sign in book is not regularly updated. If a fire evacuation occurs you will not have an accurate list of who is onsite.  

How can a visitor management system help improve a fire evacuation process?

A digital sign in tool like Entrée Solution is a simple tool that could help you save a life. In an emergency all you will need to do is simply access the management dashboard from any device with an internet connection. From this you can access an up to date list of everyone who has been on your site, and safely mark off who has evacuated.

If under any circumstance you do not have any internet connection you can get in touch with us and we can provide you with a accurate list.