Pre-book visitors

Organisations that regularly have individuals onsite would extremely benefit from the pre-booking feature. By registering your visitor’s attendance before they arrive you are reducing their check-in time and are allowing them to have a quicker sign-in process. On arrival, your visitor will then simply enter a few of their key details into the visitor management system. The electronic system will recognize these key letters and populate the individual’s data.

Fire evacuation

In a fire evacuation process, you need to ensure that you and everyone on your site have quickly and safely evacuated the building.

With a paper sign-in book there are 2 different ways the visitor register is accessed. You will either search for the paper book and quickly exit the building or you will print off a list of everyone on site. This is extremely dangerous and is not recommended to anyone.

Whereas with a visitor management system you can instantly access a live and up to date register list from any device with an internet connection. Not only will this allow you to save time printing or searching for the paper book but it will allow you to have multiple fire marshals that can start to check who has safely evacuated and who has not.

Live and accurate reports

With a paper sign-in book your receptionist has to manually upload visitor data. Once they have uploaded the data, they then need to create reports. This is an extremely time consuming and mundane task. With a visitor sign-in system everything is done automatically! You can simply access the management dashboard, which will have reports on all visitor activity, that is created by the electronic sign-in system.

Notify visitors

With your receptionist having a number of other jobs within the office it can become easy to neglect the visitor. Once a visitor has signed in, it is up to the receptionist to inform the host that their visitor has arrived. If the receptionist is occupied how will the host know that your visitor has arrived? Your visitor is then left agitated, waiting for someone to collect them in the reception area.

With an electronic visitor management system, you can take that burden away from your receptionist. Once the visitor has completed their sign-in process an email will automatically be sent to the host informing them of their visitor’s arrival. This will reduce your visitor’s waiting time at the reception and improve the visitor’s first impressions.

Legal documentation

When visitors sign in it is a very tedious and long process for them to sign all paper documents. Your visitor has to ensure they have all paper documents printed for their visitor to arrive. Once the visitor has signed all legal documents your receptionist will then need to digitally process the documents online.

By having digital documents uploaded on the visitor management system you can cut out printing time as well as the time it takes to manually upload the data. Your visitors can access all documents digitally. Once your visitor has signed in the data is securely stored on the management dashboard.