North Lincolnshire joins Edit Ltd to take up visitor management and visitor & contractor management software. Councils first started moving to digital visitor management systems to replace visitor books in 2015, securing the way guests sign in and out with GDPR consent.  

Councils like many buildings are looking to improve the process with visitors and contractors coming onto a location for security, compliance and evacuation 

What are councils looking for? 

  • Visitor Management 
  • Hot Desking Solutions 
  • Room Bookings Solutions  
  • Staff Management  
  • Incident Management  
  • Resource Allocation  
  • Asset Management  
  • Contractor Management 
  • Contractor Compliance Management 
  • Evacuation Management 
  • Induction Management 
  • Pre-Registration for visitors  
  • Covid-19 screening to stop someone unknowingly carrying in the virus  
  • Multiple site visitor management systems to help with reporting  

What do councils like the most about Entrée visitor management software?  Time saved by not needing to wait for other teams to assist. Many times, teams are often busy dealing with a number of tasks, entrée visitor management helps staff members save time and simplifies the sign-in process for incoming visitors, giving them an ID badge to effortlessly be identified on-site. Councils have also said that entrée reception systems automatically update the host of their visitor’s arrival assisting in those menial admin tasks.

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