Why outsource an I.T technician? Read 3 benefits of outsourcing an I.T technician with Edit Ltd. 

1. Control IT costs 
Paying for an outsourcing service reduces the cost of hiring a technician full time. By outsourcing a technician you can ensure an increase productivity rate as they are able to come in and solely focus on your technical problems. 
We understand that each business and school has a unique set of needs and priorities. To help keep costs low and meet your budget we have created a number of different support packages to best suit your organisation 
2. Trained, qualified & experienced 
When you outsource a technician with us you are guaranteed that every member of the team is trained, qualified and experienced. Our technicians have been providing support for over a decade, they work with a number of different organisations and will always provide you with a solution to any issues or problems. 
3.  Flexibility 
When you outsource your I.T you gain flexibility. When you self employ a technician they are often tied down to 40 hours, they also may have other jobs to focus on. However when you outsource a technician you pay for the work that needs to be done.
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