1. Fire safety 
  2. Visitor Screening 
  3. Contactless Sign in/out
  4. GDPR message 
  5. Self-adhesive ID badge 

1)In an emergency your number one priority is to safely evacuate everyone that has visited your site. You do not have time to search for paper books that hold details of everyone who has been on site. With Sync fire register you can instantly access a live register from any device with an internet connection. This will allow you to focus on safely evacuated everyone onsite. 

In a worst-case scenario that you are unable to access data, you can simply contact us and we will be able to provide you with the names of the individuals that had signed in that day… 

2)Visitor Screening 

Since the pandemic first hit everyone has become more cautious in ensuring that they are not spreading the virus to one another. A key feature that will help your organisation do this is visitor screening. Whilst signing in your visitors will be asked a number of questions to help determine whether the visitor is healthy enough to enter, or if they should be sent home to isolate. Helping to reduce the spread of Covid 19. 

3) Contactless sign in. 

Another feature to help reduce the spreading of the virus is contactless sign in. Allow visitors, staff and contractors to seamlessly sign in using our new contactless feature. Upon arrival, visitors will simply scan the QR code that is showcased on the front end of the system. Once they have scanned the QR code they will be taken to a webpage in which they can sign in. Reducing contact with the visitor management screen. 

4)All legal documentations are signed before entry. 

Never worry about missing documentations. You can have peace of mind when ensuring a visitor or contractor has entered onsite. When a visitor has signed in, they will be presented with all the necessary documentation (Health and safety, GDPR message, scope of work) before they are able to enter onsite. Documentation can be easily managed, without having the hassle or managing a number of paper documentations.

5)Self-adhesive ID badges

How do you spot a visitor or contractor onsite? With a self-adhesive ID badge your visitor and contractor can easily be spotted onsite at any time.


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