The advancement of technology indisputably leads humanity to the bright future. We’re living in the information and technology age where smart devices help people gather relevant information at our fingertips whilst contributing to a greener & paperless office and business.

1.We think it is time to break free from the paper dependency!
Reception areas are full of paper signing in books for contractors and visitors. Say ‘NO’ to paper documents and welcome  Entrée solution. Our innovative Entrée System is designed and customised to meet requirements of any large or small organisation, empowering self-signing in, reporting and tracking leaving your receptionist to concentrate on more complex queries. Our aim is to help businesses reduce the use of paper and costs associated with paper sign in books.

2.Are you able to monitor visitors in your building accurately?
Can you guarantee the paper book will not be misplaced or destroyed? Are you able to tell who is exactly in your building? Are you one click away from retrieving visitor information?
Entrée Solutions allows your visitor to sign in with ease along with providing visitors with Health & Safety T&Cs to agree and accept before having access to your building. Just like CCTV, a visitor signing in system is a must have and provides accurate, real-time reporting so you know exactly who is in the building at all times. Automatically creating a safer working environment for your staff.

3.Fire evacuation Can you guarantee your paper book is picked up when an unfortunate event has taken place?  Entrée Solutions allows you real-time access to all your visitors who have signed in and out of your premises. Your evacuation officer will be able to log on from any smart device and have access to photos and names of visitors on the premises for a faster evacuation roll call. Making sure your business is at its best when it comes to the Health & Safety of your staff, visitors and contractors.

4.Modernising your reception area. Every business has a growing strategy and development plan. The advancement of technology is always increasing and this is now the time to show a great first impression to every visitor who walks into your reception area. Entrée Solutions has an amazing 22’’ screen which captures everyone’s attention, the innovative sleek design fits perfectly into any reception area and allows visitors to self-sign in. Speedy, Eco friendly and cost effective!

5.Save time by using Entrée Solutions!Eliminate the entire process of printing, signing and scanning documents to management. Entrée Solutions has a dashboard for management usage ONLY! You can easily utilise the dashboard to check when and what time a staff, visitor or contractor arrived. The user friendly dashboard allows you to monitor reports and audits, saving you time by not having to go through paper books.

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