With the increase outbreak of COVID-19 our government has announced a UK lockdown, stating that companies should work from home (where possible) to help decrease the spreading of coronavirus.. Working from home may seem like a dream come true but in reality, it can be a challenge for many. Here are 5 tips to help you effectively work from during the outbreak.

  1. Keep to your routine.

It can be very tempting to have a lie in now that you don’t need to travel to work, but keeping your day to day routine is key! Wake up early, get change out of your pyjamas and put on real clothes, this will help you mentally prepare for the day, and get into the work mode mindset. At the start of the day create a checklist of the jobs that you need to complete. This will be your focus point throughout the day whenever you find yourself getting distracted!

2. Dedicate an area in your house strictly for work.

Working from your bed is not recommended! Yes it is great working from the comfort of your bed but it does not help your productivity. Lets be honest, working from your bed will probably result in you sleeping the hours away or binge watching the latest Netflix show. Either way both result in doing no work. Which is why the best option for you is to set up a station at a desk or table in your home. Sitting at desk will help you focus on your work, like you would do in your office, with the extra benefit of helping you keep a good posture.

3. Take breaks!

Take regular breaks! Just because you are at home does not mean you shouldn’t take breaks.  Being at home means you should take extra breaks to stretch your legs and help re-fresh your mind. Sitting, staring at your computer all day will start to cause your mind to become blank, which its why it is crucial to take regular breaks to ensure productivity flows throughout the day.

4. Stay in touch!

Communication is key! We use this phrase a lot in our office! Staying in touch with your colleagues during these times are very important, especially if you are part of a team. By staying in touch with one another you are ensuring that you are all on the same page, you all know what jobs everyone is completing and most importantly you are still working as team, even if you are not physically sitting next to each other in an office. Working from home can start to make you feel alone, which is why frequent communication with your team is a necessity. Whether it’s through emails, phone calls or even face to face video calls, be sure to stay in touch with one another.

5. Stay active 

Being at home means you cut out travel time and will only need to move a couple of steps to get to your desk. Which is why its crucial to exercise. Now that you don’t need to travel before and after work you can use that time to exercise. Whether it’s going for a walk down  or a full on work out, staying fit and healthy is important!

When it comes to the end of your shift make sure you fully turn off! Just because you work from home does not mean you should always be working! Research has shown that always being in work mode is not healthy or productive. Once you have finished your shift hours close your laptop, and unplug from your work.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak our office will be closed and out teams will be working from home. If you are in need of any assistance our team will still be able to provide support remotely. Simply contact our helpdesk by calling 0330 1271 888