The coronavirus crisis is forcing humanity to quickly and vividly change its normal settings.

We have gone from traffic light systems, queues in cafeterias, and pushing and shoving on the busses and tubes to spending 24 hours a day for seven days a week locked up in the house and then starting to go out, little by little and in a controlled way. The work environment will not be the same after COVID 19, and organizations will need office management tools to adapt their workspaces to a new world.

Here are the best office management tools for your post coronavirus organisation:

Visitor Management System

Replace your paper book with a modern unmanned e-reception system that provides a lasting visitor experience and improves security. Your visitors get a great first impression as they are welcomed to sign in with the sleek, easy-to-use touchscreen, while your team is empowered with a live view of who is on-site at all times.

Entrée gives visitors an excellent first impression. The system is easy to use and makes the sign-in process fast, efficient, and paperless. There’s no limit on visitor sign-ins or staff accounts, so the system grows with your organisation. Whether you need to check who is signed in, staff attendance dates, contractor records, or visitor records, it’s all accessible from any device with an internet browser.

Entrée will ask your visitor the all-important COVID-19 screening questions, stopping someone unknowingly carrying the virus onto your premises.

Masks and hydro alcoholic gel

As the fundamental recommendation offered by the WHO, it is expected that all workers should have available at the workplace hydroalcoholic gels or disinfectants with virucidal activity for hand cleaning, or when this is not possible, water and soap. Besides, employees should make sure that the safety distance is maintained. If it is not, they should ensure that all workers have protective equipment appropriate to the level of risk, i.e., among other measures already discussed above, surgical masks.

Remember Hands, Face, Space!

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