Entrée Solutions provides leading venue visitor management systems around the United Kingdom. Our sign-in solution for venues can help streamline your premises by welcoming guests to sign in to a modern digital touchscreen. 

Know who’s on-site throughout the week! 

Venues have a variety of visitors who have access to your site. These could be delegates, contractors, electricians, exhibitors and staff. Entrée visitor systems help you keep track of everyone on-site with a simple digital overview. Easily manage contractors by pre-booking in their scope of work, RAMs and important Health and Safety documentation and simplify their arrival on-site by receiving acknowledgements and agreements strengthening your communication with workers on your site and between your internal teams. 

Give staff a further sense of security and integrate your existing Paxton door access control with Entrée reception systems. When your visitor arrives at the venue, allow self-sign in and provide each visitor with an ID adhesive badge, making it easier to spot an unauthorized person at your event.  

How Entrée Sign in System Helps Venues 

Welcome visitors with a 22’’ touchscreen, leaving a lasting impression on every visitor. Never make those important delegates wait and simplify their sign-in process by pre-registering their details and offering a QR code for touchless sign inexperience.  

 Entrée visitor sign-in systems for venues offer: 

  • Clear and accurate data of each visitor  
  • Instant notifications to the host on your visitor’s arrival  
  • Track who’s on-site, when and why 
  • A real-time dashboard gives you all the important information of your visitors instantly  
  • GDPR consent acknowledgement  
  • Customisable kiosks to meet your venues branding and look  
  • Incident Management – record and communicate to the right people automatically when an incident has been logged  
  • Occupancy management strengthening your on-site Health and Safety rules  
  • Stop someone unknowingly carrying in the virus by providing each visitor with Covid-19 screening questions 
  • Paxton integration to give you one simple fire evacuation list for all your visitors  
  • Allow contractor management to simplify the way you sign in your contractors  
  • Block particular visitors  
  • Have instant reports  
  • Allocate resources such as car park spaces, rooms and equipment and know exactly who has your resources in real-time  
  • Manage staff on non-event days  
  • Peace of mind with real-time site monitoring  
  • Paxton integration for staff  
  • Pre-print delegate badges to hand out  
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