GDPR rules and regulations became effective on May 25th 2018. The purpose of GDPR was aimed to create a more consistent protection of personal data across the EU. Companies that fail to achieve GDPR would result in penalties and fines. These rules and regulations are not only aimed at the corporate sector but also the educational sector as well. 
Some of the key rules include

  • Require the consent of subject for data processing 
  • Anonymously collected data to protect privacy 
  • Safely handling the transfer of data across borders 

What does this mean for you? 

You as an organisation needs to change the way that visitor, staff, contractor and pupil data is collected as a paper signing in book breaches all GDPR regulations. The paper signing in book has no security, meaning anyone can have access to all data collected in the book.  
To save your organisation from this security risk we have created a solution that will ensure all GDPR obligations are met upon your visitors arrival. 

How does our digital signing in system support you in ensuring GDPR regulations are met? 

Once your visitor has signed in they will be presented with a GDPR message. Your visitors will have to read and agree to the statement before entering onsite. After a visitor has completed their sign in process their personal details are safely and securely stored in the back end of the system. Using a unique link, as well as a username and password you can then access all the necessary data. (insert image of GDPR message