Hospitals receive a great flux of visitors on a daily basis. From visitors, to nurses, doctors, cleaners, paramedics and many more. With thousands of visitors every day how do hospitals track of who is onsite? This becomes a safety concern for patients and employees as anyone could be walking through hospitals. A visitor management system like Entree Solutions will give you an overview of everyone that has visited the hospital, what times they visited and who they came to see.

Improves safety in an emergency. 

If a hospital was to evacuate how would they know who is onsite if there is no visitor log? 

When visitors sign in with Entree Solutions their key details are stored on the management dashboard. When a fire evacuation occurs a member of staff can instantly access a live register from any device with an internet connection. The member of staff will simply need to click on the fire icon from the management dashboard which will give them access to the register. This simple tool could save lives of many, as each visitor can easily be accounted for during the evacuation process. 

Gives a receptionist to focus on other jobs in the office. 

A receptionist in a hospital is always busy, having to juggle patients, answering the phones, creating and upgrade patients record and much more. A visitor Management system gives a receptionist the opportunity to focus on other jobs in the office without being distracted by visitors. Our system enables visitors to self sign in, capturing key details as well as providing all legal documentation without needing any assistance. 

Easily spot visitors onsite. 

A hospital has a number of entry points for visitors to enter. By utilising our visitor management system you can ensure every entrance is monitored and each visitor is accounted for. Our system captures visitors key details, and prompts them to sign all legal documentation. Once they have completed this they will be asked to take a photo which will then be printed on a self adhesive ID badge. If an individual is onsite without an ID badge staff can easily identity the individual and report them to security. 

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