The future of construction technology is a fiercely debated topic. We live in a world heavily driven by technology and the advancements it brings. In our everyday lives, we use more digital tools which help us manage our personal lives, social lives, free time, shopping and online purchasing and much more.

Technology rules every aspect of our lives to the point that we have become heavily dependent on it. The same is happening in the world of business. Companies need to adapt to new ways of speaking to their customers, delivering services, managing people on your site and completing projects.

Here are some of the obvious areas where you will see considerable improvements once you embrace contractor management solution:

Cost Overruns 

Cost and schedule overruns are very common in the construction industry. Technology-based decision support systems like Entrée contractor management enables the earliest possible helpful actions, making sure you are in complete control. Entrée also works with you to provide reports on the exact attendance of your contractor and what work-flows they have acknowledged completing. 


Communication between site managers and office staff has always been a challenge. Being in one of the busiest industries with so many day-to-day activities taking place with a large group of people involved, it is vital that communication is fully optimised in the construction industry.
We also know how busy site managers can get and we know how admin is not a priority for many, however, this should never be a reason for a lack of real-time and clear accurate communication between sites and their Head Offices or Headquarters.

A site management system like Entrée Solutions can help organise documentation and work-flows not only will it help with tightening your communication with your contractors but it will also help with improving your site security.

Lack of audit trail and accountability 

Papers, spreadsheets and endless verbal updates. How easy is it to lose a timesheet or a contractor log? How easy is it to lose a post-it or paper report? Can you ensure your contractors have read all your Health & Safety?
Sound familiar?
We have all been there. However, with projects getting more complicated and complex, it could not be easier to have a full audit trail at your fingertips! Enter data once and have the entrée contractor dashboard give you real-time data instantly.

 Ageing workforce 

One of the biggest challenges the construction industry would be facing even more in the coming years is not only meeting the growing demands but also keeping the same levels of efficiency. If the industry does not implement construction digital solutions, it is unlikely to appeal to the latest generation into the industry which will lead to a gap in expertise and underperformance. Today’s generations rely on technology and use technology for everyday activities and are keener to explore the benefits that technology brings to construction businesses when they join the workforce. 

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