What is MIS integration?

MIS integration enables you to manage the late pupils that are signing in and the pupils who are leaving school early for an appointment. Our integration allows you to write back late sign in information automatically to your current system without having to manually update records. Helping save your receptionist time to focus on other activities within the office.

How can a pupil use MIS?

  • If they have arrived to school late.
  • If they are leaving early for an appointment.
  • If they are returning back to school after an appointment.

How does MIS integration work?

There are 3 ways a pupil can use MIS integration.

For signing in late. When a pupil arrives to school late, they have to sign in at the reception. The process can be long winded causing the child to become even more delayed getting into their lessons. With MIS integration a child will sign in using our visitor management system. The pupil will need to fill out the fields listed below;

  • Year group
  • Birth Month
  • Name
  • Reason for being late

Once the pupil has filled out all the information above and are signed in the system will automatically update on your current system with an L mark near the student’s name.

For signing out early. It is crucial to know when a pupil has left school early, with our system you can do just that. This information will be updated on the Entrée Solutions management dashboard. The process is similar to the ‘signing in late’ procedure. The pupil will need to fill out their year group, birth month and name. They will also need to choose the reason they are leaving early. Once this is complete the system will take a picture for evidence to show the individual has left. This is to ensure no one else is using that pupils details to sign out. A badge will then print with a unique ID.

Signing back in after an appointment. If a pupil who has signed out early for an appointment is coming back into school, they would use this process. They would require the ID that was presented on the printed badge what was given when the pupil signed out. They can simply enter the ID and it will sign them back into the system.



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