Transport companies use visitor management systems to manage the compliance of visitors and contractors. Including the management of their documentation such as inductions, qualifications, time and attendance and evacuation.  

Many of our transport customers found that a paper sign-in book provided them with no real information that they could keep. Often many records had been scribbled into the paper book finding it difficult for staff members to read. Now, these companies are able to track a contractor on-site knowing exactly when he/she arrived on-site, who called them and why they are visiting your site.  

Entrée visitor management systems provide accurate reporting with clear digitized data which can be exported for senior management teams and reports. Entrée with its intuitive touchscreen welcomes visitors to accept important GDPR messages along with Health and Safety messages giving you visibility into your visitor’s records and agreements.  

We offer a range of integrations and bespoke services that can help you achieve exactly what you want in your visitor management software. By working closely with our companies, we ensure the right system is installed meeting the needs and requirements of the business.  

Entrée Solutions has in house developers who work closely with our customers gaining feedback into our systems and solutions we provide. With this feedback, we go on to further develop the system to ensure that we are keeping up with what the business world needs to ensure there day to day operations run smoothly.  

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