It is crucial during school hours and after school clubs that students are kept safe and secure. With teachers, support staff, cleaners, ground staff, supply teachers, office workers and visitors constantly entering and leaving the site, the school have a clear responsibility of always knowing who is on their school grounds at all times. Schools must be able to account for everyone in a case of an emergency, they must me able to manage the possible security risks, like an unauthorised visitor trying to enter onsite. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the greater need of contact tracing, which is critically important for the educational sector. 

One of the most effective tools at a schools disposal is a digital sign in system. It is extremely beneficial for schools to invest in a visitor management system and it allows schools to achieve a clear understanding of who is onsite at all times, which is essential in ensuring everyone is safe. 
Here are 3 benefits that Entree can provide for schools: 
1. Real-time access to visitor data and information 
In the event of a fire evacuation or a security breach, it is crucial that schools can access the most up-to date register of everyone onsite. Entree Solutions allows schools to bridge this gap by collecting and safely storing all visitor, staff and contractor information in a secure database in real time. Schools are able to pull up a live and accurate register when an emergency arises to identify who has been onsite. 
2. Reduce the amount of staff working in reception. 
Entree provides schools an added benefit in its potential to reduce overhead and administrative costs. Schools are able to reduce the amount of staff that are dedicated to simply managing and monitoring visitors, contractors, late pupils and other staff that are signing in. Setting up a visitor management system in your reception area will allow your reception staff to monitor individuals to self sign in, without needing additional staff to manually upload data. 
3. Prioritising compliance
When self signing in with our visitor, staff and contractor management solution individuals are presented with a GDPR message and  health and safety documentation. Before being granted access inside each individual must read and agree to all documentations. This informs individuals that their data is securely kept. 
A paper sign in book holds no security, anyone is able to access records by simply looking through the book. However with a digital sign in system only authorised personnel are able to access records. 
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