Entrée visitor management system is a system that oversees:

  • Arriving Visitors 

  • Arriving Contractors 

  • Arriving Staff Members 

  • Meeting room bookings 

  • Resource Management 

  • Fire evacuation lists 

  • Event Management 

  • Occupancy Management  

  • Displays Health and Safety Messages and information to all arriving visitors. 

  • GDPR compliant 

Engage with your visitors right away with our modern electronic visitor sign in screen. Entrée welcomes visitors to accept a digital sign in method to your building. Each stage of the sign in process via entrée makes your business more compliant. Entrée will ask your visitor to accept GDPR and agree to your important onsite Health and Safety rules or documentation. 

Entrée is an unmanned system which streamlines your front desk duties whilst giving you live notifications on arrival of your visitors. A visitor management system not only relieves your reception and admin team of this burden but makes it far easier for them to check visitors in and out, print visitor passes, and oversee who is or isn’t in the building at any given time.

Entrée has been helpful in aiding visitors in and out safely during these unprecedented times of COVID-19. 

Entrée has helped protect businesses from unauthorised or blocked visitors without needing the assistance of a staff member. 

Entrée during these difficult times has managed footfall in building’s whilst prompting management when maximum occupancy has been reached in a premise.  As we all know how important track and trace has become, entrée becomes your real time management system which will give you an exact account of who was inside your premises on the day or historical data if you do have an outbreak of the virus and need to contact your visitors, staff or contractors right away. 

Most important an electronic visitor management system gives you the power to assess the risk of someone unknowingly carrying in the virus. You can help reduce visitor exposure to COVID-19 with our very own e-reception visitor screening.

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