What is a visitor management system?

A Visitor Management System (VMS) is a digital machine designed to help you keep track of visitors entering and exiting your organisation. This fast and secure way automates your sign-in process by replacing your paper sign-in books/sheets.

A visitor, staff and contractor management system will integrate its software with door access control solutions like Paxton to give you peace of mind when it comes to your emergency roll call. 

What does visitor management mean?

The visitor management system gives you a full, all-inclusive view of the people who are visiting or employed in your organisation. Securely managing their visit from start to finish; visitor systems provide fast notifications to the host on the arrival of their visitors, automatic adhesive badge printing to use instead of lanyards and also compliance when it comes to acknowledging your site safety rules.

Why is a visitor management system important?

Entrée visitor management systems give you maximum control over your reception area and provide authorisation of your visitors. Each organisation has a responsibility of keeping its guests, staff and contractors safe. Entrée allows you as an organisation to strengthen your on-site compliance and security by storing your visitor information and data securely as well as giving you a real-time emergency fire evacuation list.

Having a visitor management system can be beneficial in detecting who was present and when. This information helps catch unauthorised individuals, especially in the event of lawbreaking or security breaches. 

In addition, in today’s world with the importance of contact tracing for COVID-19 spread reduction and other infection control monitoring, these systems have become a vital part of contact tracing procedures. 

Furthermore, unlike a manual sign-in book/sheet/log that can be easily stolen, an entrée visitor system protects the information of every visitor. This is especially important as governments globally continue to reinforce data privacy regulations (such as the GDPR)