What risks does a paper sign-in book cause;

  • Individuals may have illegible handwriting; therefore, the receptionist is unaware of who is onsite.
  • Signing in/out with a paper book is a mundane task that many individuals will avoid or forget to do when they arrive and leave the premise. This is extremely dangerous in a fire evacuation and there is not an accurate register of who is on-site and who has left.
  • There are no security measures put in place. A paper sign-in book goes against GDPR regulations as anyone can access the information at any time. Individuals are able to go through the book and steal key visitor details. Not only this but the entire book itself can be easily stolen, leaving the business without a register in a fire emergency.
  •  It gives a bad impression to new individuals arriving onsite. If a VIP guest arrives on-site and they are greeted with a paper book and no receptionist, it can leave them feeling unwelcome. Once they have signed in they have to wait in the reception area until the host arrives. If the host is unaware of the visitor’s arrival, then the visitor will be left waiting for a large period of time. This experience will not encourage the individual to arrive

How can a visitor management system help solve these issues?

  • Data is digitally captured. Once a visitor arrives onsite your visitors can instantly enter their details with a couple of taps on the sleek, modern sign-in screen. This data is then stored on the live management dashboard. Giving you a clear insight into who is onsite, at any time.
  • Once the data is input into the electronic sign-in system it is securely stored on the management dashboard. Only high authority figures are able to access the information to see who has signed in/out.
  • The sleek, attractive sign-in system will give your visitor the best first impression. The user-friendly system allows your visitors to sign in/out with ease. Once your visitor has signed in an email notification is sent to the host, informing them that the individual has arrived. This will reduce the waiting time for the visitor.