World Password day is dedicated to raise awareness on the importance of having a strong password. It is very crucial to keep your passwords safe and secure. 
There are a number of simple ways to help you ensure that your passwords are secure; 
1) Never Use the Same Password More than Once
Whenever creating a new password ensure that you have a different password each time. It can be difficult to remember different passwords but it ensures that your account is kept secure. 
2) Keep strong passwords 
When creating a password ensure that there are between 8-20 characters long, the more the better. If possible try to add a combo of symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. 
3) Never write down your passwords
Avoid writing down your passwords in books or online platforms. Storing passwords in excel is also a risk, therefore you should save your passwords in password managers which is the simplest and safest way to store passwords. 
4) Create an uncrackable password
Try to avoid using words & phrased related to your birthday, phone number, anniversary dates, pet names or your child’s name etc. Hackers can easily find this information online through social media accounts. 
5) Always logout
You can sometimes unknowingly leave devices unlocked. Especially within a public environment it is crucial to always log out. Keeping your details logged in a device allows individuals to easily access data.