A laptop in use, with a smart phone nearby and a large all in one desktop.
Procurement service. Value for money does not necessarily mean the cheapest. Most expensive does not mean it is the best.

How much did you say?

Where do you go for advice and guidance on what you need for your school? To Education & IT Ltd, of course! You need to come to us for no frills, cost effective and resilient solutions for your computing needs.

We work with you to plan for the present and future requirements of your school.  From the supply of a single PC right through to the implementation of a full curriculum/admin network we can supply your school with everything it needs to ensure that your pupils have the best possible learning experience in IT.


Why Education & IT Ltd?

 Well, here’s what we can do for you:

  • -Free health check to assess current performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • -We understand education and technology, we’ve been doing this for years!
  • -We know the latest technologies and how to implement them.
  • -We care, so we’ll be available to you for whatever problems you have.
  • -We go out of way to provide best value and make purchasing a hassle free experience.
  • -One call is all it’ll take to have all your questions and queries answered.
  • -We’ll identify ways to help your school save money when going for new products and services.
  • -Your needs are our priority, after all our success is built on our service.

Our teams are dedicated to get you high quality, cost-effective solutions, tailored to meet all your requirements. PC’s, laptops, servers, Interactive LED Screens, printers, scanners, cameras, microphones; pretty much the works!