Cyber Security Services

Stay safe and protect yourself, protect your organisation, protect your business

Cyber-crime is on the rise. The media is consistently reporting on how large and prestigious organisations are falling foul to hackers and losing personal information that ends up on the dark web for sale. Every 5mins there is a cyber-attack happening somewhere. It could be against a governmental organisation, private enterprise, a simple school network or an unsuspecting individual.

How can you protect yourself against it?

We have collaborated with cybersecurity experts to bring you that protection and peace of mind.

We test your systems for vulnerabilities, for the ease of penetration, potential threats and if your devices could be placing you under risk. Cybersecurity experts formulate and implement a security strategy based around your business, and monitor your network 24/7 from an ISO270001 registered centre.

We can take full responsibility of your IT security and become your organisation’s Chief Information Security Officer. We remove your concerns over IT security and provide you with everything that you need to be compliant and safe.

We can also prepare your IT security for accreditation whether you require the more intense and confidence providing ISO270001 certification or the simpler Cyber Essential accreditation that fulfills your basic requirements.

Our flexibility means that we can provide you with a fixed term contract or work with you on an ad-hoc ‘as required’ term.

How are you preparing and protecting from cyber-crime?

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