Say goodbye to pen and paper, and your incident report template, and hello to the future of workplace safety!


Our all-in-one accident & incident tracker software ensures that if there is an accident onsite, the relevant people are notified immediately in real-time. In short, this safety module is designed to help with reporting accidents and incidents at work.

Entrée Accident & Incident tracker enables your school to log, process and record health and safety, accidents and incidents faster, increasing your compliance and protecting your reputation.

Providing you with a simple platform that captures accurate information your school requires to complete an audit or investigation. While giving anyone from your school access to report an incident instantly. In return giving you as the management team the control over validation documentation, sign offs, and outstanding queries held and investigated by your organisation.

What can Entrée Accident & Incident Tracker do? 

Log photos
Take and log any photos against the incident. For example, if an accident has happened within a school such as a child falling over a wire, a staff member can digitally record and log photos against where the incident took place. This will then allow staff to investigate the route cause of the incident and ensure it is dealt with so no accident like this is repeated again.
Keep parents/guardians or next of kin updated
With automated notifications, you can keep the individuals family updated. A message will be sent with the individuals name, time of the incident, the location of the incident and what happened e.g ‘The incident reported was a slip.’
Automated notifications
With automated notifications you keep the individuals  family updated on their wellbeing. A message will be sent to a family member with the individual’s name, time of the incident, location of the incident and what has happened e.g ‘Sarah has shown a high temperature at 8:30 am in the reception area and has been told to self isolate until she has tested negative’

You can then use the data that is gathered to develop strategies to improve health and safety at work. Allowing you as a school to meet your requirements for reporting and investigating occupational health and safety.

One or multiple reporting stations can be located on site with an iPad or tablet, enabling your workforce to select the type of incident they wish to report. Your approved managers can then receive reports enabling them to take immediate action if required.

We provide you with a solution backed by 10 years of excellence and expertise in ICT and Workplace Solutions. Book in your demonstration today and find out  how we can empower your organisation with Digital Health and Safety solutions.

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