Person typing on a laptop with a mobile device next to them and a desktop in the background

We have partnered with leading manufacturers and distribution channels to bring you the best value in technology. From mobile phones to data centres, we can provide you value for money in it all.

Leasing Option

Need to make a large purchase, but your budget is restricted. Not a problem at all. We have partnered with Unilink Finance, a leading, independent, provider of asset finance and leasing advisor to the Public and Corporate sector.

Advertising, large format, and touch screens

Interactive touchscreens have crept into our lives without us knowing. From the mobile phone for personal communication; to the shopping centre kiosk directing you to your next purchase; to the classroom making lessons interactive and engaging, and the office boardroom for the presentation to impress the departmental heads.

Whatever you require a screen for, we are sure to have the right solution for you, in any size you want it.

Interactive touchscreen in a meeting room
Large touchscreen kiosk in a shop displaying their latest catalogue
Digital A-board in a bar setting
Shopping centre with a 9 screen video wall

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