Technician with a tablet PC inspecting information from an open network cabinet with lots of cables connecting networking equipment.
Server Installs

We specialise in providing resilient and powerful servers of the highest specification, with a warranty that lasts longer than its fiscal life cycle.

We offer servers to suit small business, primary schools, corporate giants and global operations.

Network Installs

Our experts base their network installations based upon your requirements and needs. We will advise, plan, and implement a solution that is specific for you and the productivity you want to achieve.

Other Installs

Whether its audio-visual installations, electrical installations, room installations, we are more than happy to help.

Health Check

Want to be sure that things are working as they should. Take advantange of a health check of your equipment and your network. You'll get a report to show where your strengths and weaknesses are and how things can be improved for you to work better, quicker and more efficiently.

Wireless Installs

With the increase in the use of mobile devices, with many organisations opting for BOYD (bring your own device), there is now a demand for strong and reliable wireless connectivity.

We offer industry-leading wireless solutions. Indoor and outdoor smart access points. On-premises controllers to manage all your access points, deploy configurations based on profiles and reporting.

For versatility, you could opt for cloud-based management. Access the management of your wireless from anywhere in the world and everything you can do in the same way as an on-premises controller

Ruckus Wireless
Advanced wireless systems. Powerful access points with built-in intelligent antennae that direct the signal to the where its requested from. Spreading the load as more devices connect. With the ability to connect hundreds of devices per access point, thereby requiring fewer access points.

Ubiquiti Networks
High-performance wireless using the latest in MIMO (maximum in maximum out) technologies. Designed for optimum performance, reliability, and scalability.

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