Are you meeting GDPR and Health & Safety Obligations?

Are you aware of the health and safety risks that follow a paper sign in book? What about the GDPR regulations when collecting visitor data?

The traditional paper book is not only a thing of the past but breaks all GDPR rules and regulations and is a safety risk when it comes to an evacuation.

Upgrade to a digital signing-in system. Entrée, the user-friendly, electronic sign in system manages your visitors, staff and contractors with ease.

Entrée will:

  • Keep your visitor’s data protected aligned with GDPR compliance
  • Allow your visitors to sign in with ease, giving them a great first impression
  • Enable you to access a live evacuation register creating a smoother, safer and more efficient evacuation process
  • Help reduce the spreading of Covid-19 by working alongside the NHS track and trace scheme
  • Provides you to access a live and historical reports to know who is onsite or who has been onsite
  • Take visitors photo for an ID badge to help you easily spot individuals onsite

...and your reception area will look fabulous!

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Contractor Management Solution

Why you shouldn’t manage contractors with a paper signing in book….

  • It violates all GDPR regulations as there are no security measures put in place to protect visitor data.
  • In an evacuation process greater risk is created when gathering your paper book.
  • It’s often a time a consuming process for your contractor, straying them for completing their jobs and costing you more
  • Simplify the process of completing legal documentation ensuring you’re compliant time conscious.

How Entrée solves these problems

  • Contractor Management allows for seamless signing in process
  • Self-sign and agree to all legal documents e.g. GDPR message, Health and Safety, Work permits and scope of works to ensure the contractor is kept safe and compliant whilst working onsite
  • Access a live register from any device with an internet connection for a smoother and safer evacuation process
  • Pre-register contractors, and assign QR code for a faster sign in and out
  • Access a live and historical reports to know who is onsite always
  • Scope out availability to all your contractors to get a quick/instant response of who is available to work

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Staff Management

Do your staff go through the same mundane process to sign in?

Do you struggle to communicate with staff?

Do you know which staff member(s) has/have signed out early or signed in late?

Entrée is designed to speed up your staff members sign in/out process.

  • Track, and monitor staff attendance
  • Access accurate attendance records to monitor staff members who are signing in late or signing out early
  • Stay connected with your staff by scheduling announcements when individuals are signing in/out

Are you controlling access with Paxton?

Integrate with Entrée to allow staff to sign in/out with a tap of their ID card or fob.

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Student management for Education

How many late slips do you write?

When your pupils are signing out during school hours do you know why they are leaving?

Do you keep track of the exact time and date they have left?

How long have they gone for? Have they returned?

Integrating your MIS with Entrée boosts and compliments your safeguarding procedures.

  • Monitor the regular late arrivers and their reasons
  • Record a student leaving early, or for appointment and when they return
  • Accurate information for an evacuation event
  • Reports to spot trends

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