Many businesses often try and keep their servers running for as long as possible. Keeping an outdated server can be a risk, as the older the server is the more likely it is to fail, causing a loss of work and productivity. Here are 4 signs that your server needs upgrading. 

1) Speed of the server.

If your server is running slow and files and downloads are taking time to open then its time to upgrade. A slow server will affect the productivity of your students and staff as simple tasks will take a drastically long time to be completed. 

2) A loud server.

A noisy server is a clear indicator of impending failure and that your server needs upgrading. If the noise is constantly increasing over time you may want to start searching for replacement parts or (which is more recommended) replace your entire server.  

3) Constantly having to troubleshoot. 

Another clear sign of an upgrade is when your server is constantly seeking attention. A large amount of effort and time is wasted when individuals have to constantly put out fires and troubleshoot issues. Upgrading your server will allow you and your staff to work without having the distraction of having to fix your server.

4) The warranty has expired

Once your warranty has expired you longer have the protection of the original manufacturer warranty. This means if a problem should occur you don’t have the support from your server provider. You will need someone else to investigate the issue. If you do not have an in house I.T support team then there is an extra expense of calling someone in to troubleshoot your server. 

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