Why have schools stopped using the traditional interactive whiteboard?

  • Projector lamps are expensive.
  • Screen can be difficult to see if the room is not dark enough.
  • Maintenance required
  • If projector is connected to a ceiling it is difficult to move around and transport to another classroom.
  • Expensive installation cost.

Why are interactive touch displays a better solution for your classroom?

Students are able to collaborate with one another.

Team work is a great active learning approach for your students. Students are able to wirelessly connect using their smart devices or tablets. You can then have an unlimited number of students all collaborating wirelessly on the same screen at the same time annotating documents, webpages or just a plain background.

Improve inclusivity

The use of technology has improved inclusivity in many sectors over the years. For students with disabilities and those who struggle to keep focused an interactive touch screen can be great tool as it is a different and more engaging approach to the standard teaching style. Lessons that bring students to the board let kinaesthetic learners get up and move. Videos and multimedia presentations also appeal to visual and auditory learners.

Easy to implement

Unlike traditional projectors, touch screen displays are an all-in-one solution, meaning they are faster to deploy. Staff and students are able to use this user-friendly tool without any training, saving I.T time and reducing related costs.

Its time to replace your projector with a 4K slim bezel interactive touch display. This state-of-the-art technology is designed to revolutionise the way you teach forever!

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