Cybersecurity is ‘the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from malicious attacks.’ There is a constant rise in cybersecurity breaches each year. 
What are some of the common misconceptions regarding cybersecurity? 
  • Only big organisations can be affected
  • Complex passwords cannot be hacked 
  • You will instantly know when you’ve been hacked 
Anyone can be affected by a cyberattack, whether you are in the business sector or education you need to ensure that your data is protected by hackers. 
Why is it important to implement cybersecurity? 
1) Cyber attacks can affect everyone! 
Many people believe cyberattacks only happen to big organisations, however, this is a myth. Cyberattacks can affect the biggest organisation to one single person. In 2020 statistics showed that up to 88% of UK companies have suffered breaches in the last 12 months. Once an attack happens millions of people could be harmed. 
Identify theft is common for many individuals. Hackers will steal an individual’s personal data and sell it for a profit. This not only puts the individual at risk but also their family. Some hackers also blackmail individuals and demand ransom money in exchange for their details. 
2) Technology is always changing
5G networks enable users to be more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Some of the ways 5G networks can cause a concern; 
  • The network has moved from a centralised, hardware-based switching to distributed, software-defined digital routing. Previously networks had ‘hardware choke points’ in which cyber hygiene could be implemented. However, this is not the case with 5G. 
  • The expansion of bandwidth in 5G creates additional avenues of attack. 
  • There is an increased vulnerability by attaching tens of billions of hackable smart devices to an IoT 
3) Protects you and your customers/staff 
Ensuring that your business is protected also ensures that your employees, staff and customers personal details are secure from cyber threats.